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April 2014
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Urgent appeal to stop forced repatriati​on of Afar Asylum-see​kers in Yemen back to Eritrea

Continue reading Urgent appeal to stop forced repatriati​on of Afar Asylum-see​kers in Yemen back to Eritrea Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk abe walala Ingilizih – An honorary degree, Faransaawih – diplôme honorifique, Qarabit – درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية

Qafar afat macaay?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: Yeey kaxxam meqe esserooy, Qafar afat aben taamah massakaxxah Doktoora deqsitta. Macah hinna- immay, maca abe marah tet yaceenih?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: faxe migdalaay takkay, ayti-gexxo le taamoomi abe marah tet yaceen. Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk abe walala Ingilizih - An honorary degree, Faransaawih - diplôme honorifique, Qarabit - درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية 

Qafar afat macaay?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: Yeey kaxxam meqe esserooy, Qafar afat aben taamah massakaxxah Doktoora deqsitta. Macah hinna- immay, maca abe marah tet yaceenih?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: faxe migdalaay takkay, ayti-gexxo le taamoomi abe marah tet yaceen. Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk abe walala

Eritrean aid group calls for probe into massacre of navy members

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

August 25, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) – An Eritrean relief association in exile has called on the international community to immediately intervene in the recent mass murders of Eritrean navy members.

Based in Ethiopia, the Red Sea Afar Relief Association (RSARA) accused the international community of turning blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Eritrean government against ethnic Afar minorities.

Some 108 Afar members of the Eritrean navy were massacred this month by the country’s border security guards along the Yemen coastline as they attempted to escape.

The navy officers were fleeing the dictatorial Asmara regime’s harsh military policies, which include forced conscription and indefinite service.

At a meeting held in Addis Ababa on Sunday, the RSARA called on the international community to condemn the massacre and press for an immediate investigation into the slayings.

“RSARA takes this opportunity to appeal on the international community at large and [the] international donor community to accuse the ongoing atrocities against the Red Sea Afar”, RSARA said.

Eritrean opposition group, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organisation (RSADO) has described the killings as a “brutal genocide”.

It provided Sudan Tribune name with the names 30 ethnic Afar navy members alleged to have been killed by security forces recently.

The victims’ bodies were reportedly found along the Red Sea coast in the areas of Galalo, Marsa, Fatuma, Harena and Pori.

RSARA was established in Ethiopia one-and-a-half years ago to provide moral support and humanitarian assistance to Eritrean Afar refugees being sheltered at three camps in Ethiopia’s Afar region, close to the Eritrean border.

The association is currently operating in collaboration with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) with Ethiopia’s Administration for Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA), as well as number of international NGOs providing support through the regional Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA).

“We further appeal to support the existing efforts being made by RSARA in addressing the humanitarian suffering”, RSARA added.


RSADO opposition leader Ibrahim Haron accused the international community of ignoring the atrocities committed against the Afar people.

“We held the meeting to send a message to the world that the ethnic cleansing policy against Afars has continued”, Haron told Sudan Tribune adding more serious steps needed to be taken in addressing the issue.

Opposition officials say Afar people living in Eritrea, also known as Red Sea Afars, are routinely subjected to neglect, discrimination, repression, displacement, and in recent years to a campaign of ethnic cleansing particularly after the 1998-2000 border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

With the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea as yet unresolved, relations between the two countries remains tense.

The Eritrean government suspects its own Afar people of aligning themselves with their fellow Ethiopian Afars.

Opposition officials allege that hundreds of Afars were killed by Eritrean government on suspicion they were spying for Ethiopia.

The Afar are an indigenous pastoralist nomadic people inhabiting a triangular region spanning Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. Most continue their traditional way of life and are engaged in animal husbandry, fishing, trade and salt mining.


ከቁጫ እስከ ኦሮሞ – ማንነትና የማንነት ፖሎቲካ እንደምታና መዘዞቹ – ዩሱፍ ያሲን

ከቁጫ እስከ ኦሮሞ – ማንነትና የማንነት ፖሎቲካ እንደምታና መዘዞቹ

Eritrean Navy Kills Red Sea Afar Recruits “Escaping” to Yemen

Eritrean Navy Kills Red Sea Afar Recruits “Escaping” to Yemen

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

August 3, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) – Agents of the Eritrean National Security have  massacred a group of Eritrean Navy members after accusing them of  planning to escape on speed boats to neighbouring Yemen, Ethiopia based  Eritrean rebel group alleged on Saturday.

“Government agents’  murdered 80 members of the Eritrean Navy on a broad day light in public  in Northern red sea region of Bardoli vicinity”, leader of the rebel Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), Ibrahim Haron told Sudan Tribune.

Haron said the victims are all ethnic Afar minority and their burial ceremony was held on Friday.

The rebel official said the killings were a state-sponsored mass murder and politically motivated.

“The Navy and the brutal Eritrean government in particular are responsible for the mass murders”, he said.

Citing to inside sources, Haron claimed that colonel Wedi Halima was the military official who ordered the mass killings.

Eritrean naval members several times fled in the past their country in groups to Yemen in protest to the regime’s worsening repression but the latest  failed attempt saw the biggest in numbers of defecting army members.

The reclusive Red Sea nation considers any citizen who tries to flee as traitor constituting a punishment of a lengthy jail terms or death  penalty.

The punishment severs if deserters are members of the Army.

“We call up on the international community to urgently intervene over  the ethnic cleansing against innocent Eritrean Afars who are being  slaughtered on daily bases by the dictatorial regime”, he said.

The rebel official vow to carry out military actions in retaliation to  the mass murders and called upon all other political organization to  join struggle against regime in Asmara.

Eritrean ethnic Afars  repeatedly allege of being subjected to persecution, imprisonment,  torture or death by the Eritrean security service in accusation of  having links with the rebel group in Ethiopia.

Eritrea gained  independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after 31 years of revolutionary  movement however since had been a one-party state ruled by President  Isaias Afwerki and his Popular Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ)  party.

International human rights organizations say that Eritrea  stands amongst world’s top worst human rights and press freedom records. The regime is also accused of turning the country into a “giant  prison”.

Reports indicate that currently there are up to 10,000  political prisoners languishing in the country’s harsh and secret  detention centres including in shipping containers.

Eritreans on  daily basis flee to neighbouring countries in protest to  political  repression or to escape an indefinite military service which is  mandatory to all citizens aged between 18 and 50.

In Ethiopia alone, there are some 80,000 Eritrean refugees

Mohamed Abubakar – LUMUMBA


Mohamed Abubakar – LUMUMBA

Former Ethiopian president Col. Mengistu is alive and well…

Former Ethiopian president Col. Mengistu is alive and well…

The Horn Times News 25 April 2013 by Getahune Bekele- South Africa

“He is fit like fiddle and in perfect health. Never been to any hospital recently and no doctor has diagnosed him withheart condition.” The former ruler’s son-in-law who extensively travels between Johannesburg and Harare told the Horn Read More

Rumors of the Death of Mengistu Hailemariam spread online

Various social media news sources are reporting that former Ethiopian leader Mengistu Hailemariam has died. One of the news source ( posted the following:

According to the news from zimbabwe national tv report, the former bloody dictator, mengistu hailemariam suffered massive heart attack yesterday and rushed to hospital in Harare. He was already lost his conciousness by Read More

Ni kaxxa qadar abeena Sharifa Al Qalawi deedal kaxxa faxo cabele

ina lilaah wa ina ileyhi raji’uun.

Sharifa Al Qalawih deedal is edde soolak sugteh tan aracat kaxxa faxo cablem asmata

Abeenim raqtaah, abte gaba rabtaah qafar akah intannah Sharifa Al Qalawih taamaay qafarak bisoh dacarteh tani ahak sarra tamaatu wayta kutbe abeenitih celaloh raagele.

Yalli adunyak tayse akeera teetih yacaay ,  tet buxah marah yalli iiman ke sabri yacaay , Read More