Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk abe walala Ingilizih – An honorary degree, Faransaawih – diplôme honorifique, Qarabit – درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية

Qafar afat macaay?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: Yeey kaxxam meqe esserooy, Qafar afat aben taamah massakaxxah Doktoora deqsitta. Macah hinna- immay, maca abe marah tet yaceenih?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: faxe migdalaay takkay, ayti-gexxo le taamoomi abe marah tet Read More Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk abe walala Ingilizih – An honorary degree, Faransaawih – diplôme honorifique, Qarabit – درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية 

Qafar afat macaay?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: Yeey kaxxam meqe esserooy, Qafar afat aben taamah massakaxxah Doktoora deqsitta. Macah hinna- immay, maca abe marah tet yaceenih?

Gifta Gamaal A Reedo: faxe migdalaay takkay, ayti-gexxo le taamoomi abe marah tet yaceen. Gifta Gamaal A Reedo luk Read More

Afar Perception and Reality After 1991 Reconstruction of Ethiopia by EPRDF (By Yussuf Yassin)

Because of the recurrent droughts that hit the Afar areas, they are on the brink of extinction. The Afars have to fight for their mere survival. But, in spite of their marginalization and underdevelopment, their lack of infrastructure, the blatant intervention by the cadres of the ruling party (TPLF) from Mekelle (the capital city of Tigray Read More

Statement on the Coronation of Sultan Hanfare Ali-Mirah (By Hashim A-Shami)

Everyone also knows that Sultan Hanfari Ali Mirah takes the responsibility in more complex timing and situation, given the multiple determinants, than those of his father Sultan Ali Mirah or his grandfather Sultan Muhammad Hanfari (the later ruled a totally independent state). The extent of resources, opportunities and available authority is Read More

ልዩነቶቻችን ውበታችን የሚሆኑት ስናስተናግዳቸው ብቻ ነው፤ አለበለዚያ ያወዛግቡናል (በዩሱፍ ያሲን)

ልዩነቶቻችን ውበታችን ነው የተሰኘው አባባል ብርቄዬ መፈክር ነው።OUR DIVERSITY IS OUR BEAUTY የተሰኘውን የፈረንጅኛው አባባል ትርጉም መሆኑ ነው።በዘመነ ደረግ ተብሎዋል። በኢሕዴአግ ዘመንም ተፎክሮበታል።እንከን የማወጣለት ግሩም አባባል ነው። ምክኒያቱ ጉራማሌነታችን ውበታችን መሆኑአያከራክርምና።ልዩነቶቻችን ብርቄዬ ጌጦቻችን ናቸው።ጥያቄው እውነት ይህው ግሩምና አቻቻይ መፈክርተግባራዊ መሆን ይቻላል ወይ ነው በዛሪዬቷ ኢትዮጵያችን።አነጋጋሪና አነታራኪው እነዚሁ ውብ የሆኑትናየሚንኩራራባቸው ልዩነቶቻን ለውዝግብ ምክኒያት እና መነሻ የመሆናቸው ጉዳይ Read More

Are Afars on their way to Somalization? Case of Gewanie Afar In Fighting Over Land-Lease (By Yasin Mohammed Yasin)

 Political consumption or Instrumentalization of knowledge about Afar’s tribal factionalism
 Lease the land to private investors -eventually led to breaking down the socio-economical and political institutions of the Afar.
– youths can’t farm
– clans massively indebted- developing dependence attitude
– environmental degradation- centuries-old adaptation to the ecosystem
– aggressive competitions to expand Read More