The Massacre in the Afar region, Ethiopia

A well planned military attack by contraband-led Issa-Somalis took place in Mille and Adaytu villages of the Afar Region which are situated some 530 km from the capital Addis Ababa between June 10 and June 12, Read More

The Afar Forum Conference

The Focus of this years’ Conference was the role of Afar Diaspora in illuminating the way forward and mitigate the impact of all those circumstances on our people. The objective of the Conference was to discuss and address the range of situations and complex issues affecting Afars in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Read More

Afar People’s Party (APP) denounces illegal land grabbing and Woyane monopolized investments in Afar region of Ethiopia

The Woyane regime systematically has collapsed the previous state farms in the Awash Valley and at present nearly 95% of the agricultural investments in the area are owned by Woyane Read More

A Call to the People of Djibouti

The FRUD in conjunction with all democratic forces and eminent political, traditional and cultural personalities reiterates its position to continue its combat for justice, for a real national State and for authentic Read More

Fighting between ARDUF (UGUUGUMO) & TPLF- Ethiopian Forces!

Forty five (45) TPLF- Ethiopian troops have been killed in the first round of fighting since the 5th of February 2011, with dozens of TPLF forces critically Read More

RSADO Carried Out Yet Another Successful Operation

RSADO’s insurgency group has killed 17 enemy soldiers, wounded 20 soldiers, seized caches of ammunitions and varieties of enemy guns, and took total control of the camp for hours until it retreated to its clandestine Read More