Armed Harassment and Killing continues in Afar Region

April 17, 2012 a mass arrest of civilian who opposed the evection from their homes has taken place in Dubte. Twenty civilians (8 women and 12 men) has been beaten and injured while clashing with the military command around the Read More

The Core of Human Rights Violation Areas in Afar Region of Ethiopia

The huge sugarcane plantations along the Awash Valley supported by two huge Dams (Kassam-Kabana and Tandaho) continue to displace the pastoralist community en mass from their Read More

The Red Sea Afars-The Bogeyman of All to Terrify All (By Ahmed Nakhuda)

Tigreans at home and in the diaspora including the TPLF dissident, Gebru Asrat are repetitively heard in different interview claiming that ‘Tigray has gave up a huge resourceful land like Dalol to Afar region.’ As the politico-economic status of the Afar is believed to be backward, there won’t be any challenge against the Tigrean’s territorial ambition Read More