Afar Community of Minnesota Press Release on the Situation of Afar Refugees in Yemen

According to credible sources in Yemen, 300 Afar refugees who escaped tyranny in Eritrea still remain in detention and are at risk of deportation to Read More

Appeal for Saving Lives of the Young Innocent Afars in the Infamous Prison in the Town of Al Hudeida

Over 300 Afar European youth, including the large number of teenagers, who fled the war machine in his native Eritrea and who sought peaceful town in Yemen went to prison rather than take them to some UNHCR camps Read More

The Red Sea Afars in Eritrean Politics-From Rabitaa to RSADO (By Ahmed Nakhuda)

Indeed, aside the case of a particular political organization, it seems inevitable that any prospective change in the future Eritrea that could not answer the quest of nationalities would fail short of success. Even Issaias himself grasped the concept but never dared to practice. Indeed his reluctance leads the country to its Read More