Arthur Rimbaud and the Afars: Beyond Silence (Part 1) (By Aramis Houmed Soulé & Daoud Aboubaker Alwan)

The arrival of Rimbaud coincided with the final stage in the process of formation of new endogenous political afar entities which began after the collapse of the 16 century Adal State. These 19th century afar political entities stabilized on a territory with precise internal Read More

Open Letter to ( Fakut yan Ayyufta) Afar Regional National State Officials

Nanu Qafar Rakaakayih doolát essernamaa, taway Qiisi nookoh ellé yan baaxóoxak, sissikuk Qiisa kalaanam esserna. Itoppiyah Madqak 52hayto Maasayyak, 2toFootima (7) (1994) ellé tascassê nal, kulli Rakaakay isi amoh xin luk, isi agatih salaam kee saay dacrisuh le Poliis yaallem cakkik le. Itoppiyal tan Madqák amakkaquk, F.L.L. 2004, Oromiyyah Rakaakayih doolát, Rakaakay Poolisih gabat Meqiisok Qiisa, Read More

Open Letter- from Afar Diaspora- to H.E. Mr. M Zenawi. Prime Minister of Ethiopia

It is urgently high time, Mr. Prime Minister, to take this crisis seriously and seek a just and durable solution before it is too late. A lack of political will to take effective steps and measures to stop the continued killings of Afars by Issa-Somali will put the credibility of your government in serious doubt. Furthermore Read More