Please sign petion – Solve the Red Sea Afar Refugee Crisis (Yemen)

Solve the Red Sea Afar Refugee Crisis (Yemen)

This petition was published by Ahmed Y Mohamed  on Sep 17, 2012
Over 240 Red Sea Afar refugees are still  in detention and languishing in Al-Hudeyda prison for over a year, where their lives have become increasingly under serious threat from Agents of Eritrean Embassy in Yemen (Eritrean security attaches). The Eritrean agents are emboldened with absence of UNHCR from Prison of Yemen.
These Eritrean agents  are desperate to smuggle (kidnap)  these refugees back to Eritrea. These Refugees lives are in danger and will face imminent  Torture and Death in Eritrea.
Red Sea Afar Youth League (RSAYL), RSADO(Red Sea Afar Democratic organization), RSADO Foreign Mission, RSAWA, and RSALA collectively appeal to Yemeni Government and UNHCR to immediately intervene and save the lives of these helpless refugees from being forcibly returned to Eritrea.
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