Obituary: Grazmach Abdo Adouu

Condolence-Grazmach Abdo Adouu

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

The Afar people lost one of a great, respected leader. Grazmach Abdo Adou passed away on January 8, 2013 due to illness. Grazmach Abdo Adou’s public servicein his region for the Afar people expands over 60 years. He became a leader of his people in his early age. He is well known and was respected for his high  morale and integrity. He was a person who treated everyone with utmost respect. Grazmach Abdo was on the forefront in the struggle and fight against land confiscation along the upper Awash River by the Awash Sheloko Authority. He, along with other prominent Afar leaders, during the Emperor Haile Selassie reign effectively fought the Awash Sheloko Authority from displacing the Afars who were living along the banks of upper Awash River. His proficiency in the Amharic language has helped him to present the Afar case in most imperial courts and with the emperor.

Drazmach Abdo Adou was a peace loving person. His whole life was dedicatedto resolve the Afar Issa conflict. He has worked together with the late Ugaz Hassan to find a viable solution the senseless killings and conflict between the Afar and Issa. In the absence where government  institutions were not present, he gave his advice and judgment when conflict occurred between clans and individuals. His unbiased advice and judgment owned him respect among his people and those who came in contact with him. In the absence of modern transportation, Grazmach walked on foot for countless distances throughout his life to help mediate conflicts and resolve problems that arose among his people. Grazmach Abdo Adou will truly be missed for his wisdom, guidance, and valuable public services he unselfishly had rendered to his people without self serving. He will be remembered for all his efforts to advocate for his people. Grazmach Abdo Adou is survived by his children among them the prominent Abdellah Abdo Ado who is one of the founding members of the Afar Forum. Our condolence goes to all his family members and the Afar people for his loss.

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