Ethiopia: Sultan Hanfare Alimirahs tour of the Afar Region-Part II


Ethiopia:  Sultan Hanfare Alimirahs  tour of the Afar Region-Part II

Afar News Toronto has learned that Sultan Hanfare Alimirah, in accordance to his tour of the Afar lands that started earlier this year, has now been to Sardo, Hayu, El Da’ar, Su’ula, Manda, and Bure and other La’o areas. 

In all these cities, Afar people and the non Afar inhabitants of the cities have gathered to greet him warmly. He then returned to Samara where he rests in order to continue this unprecedented tour. 

Everywhere the Sultan has gone, he has listened to the grievances of his people and is working hard with the Makabans, elder Afar advisors of the Sultan, and other Afar intellectuals and concerned officials to solve their problems. 

 This historic tour is solidifying Sultan Hanfare’s position as the leader of the Afar people and once more, Afar News Toronto wishes him luck on his endeavors.

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