The Eritrea National Conference is Concluded: What is next? (By Tahir Barule)

Eritreans are as divided as they can be thanks to their leader. But, the division is not new to the Eritrean political scene. It is as old as 70 years. It is the old divide of Christian-Muslim schism. It is lowland against the highland. It is the 8 Awrajas or administrative units against each other. Their unity is an ever present premonition of the Eritrean national innermost psyche beginning from 1942 the year the Italians left Eritrea. It goes across the Bete Ghiorhis Wa’al in the outskirts of Asmara in 1947.It was the reason behind civil war in early seventies between the liberation fronts. But, paradoxically enough the Wa’ala of 2010 was convened in the outskirts of Addis Ababa the capital city of a country that the Eritrean freedom fighters battled for 30 bloody years to win their independence from.Read More

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